About Dr. Ian Beckingham DC

Dr. Beckingham’s Ability To Take A Step Back And Look At The Big Picture Gives Hope and New Life To The Thyroid Patients Who Come To Optimize Health Center In Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. Ian Beckingham DC specializes in helping patients suffering from chronic conditions such as thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, dizziness/vertigo, diabetes, insomnia, neuropathy, ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, and autoimmune conditions. Currently he is one of the only doctors in the Los Angeles area treating these chronic conditions using both neurological and metabolic therapies.  Dr. Beckingham prides himself in helping those who have been everywhere and tried everything, but are still searching for answers. 

Dr. Beckingham is the clinic director at Optimize Health Center in Los Angeles. This cutting edge center has many different health practitioners from many fields who work as a team to fully assess every patient’s unique needs and help them elevate their true health potential.

Born in Davenport Iowa (the birth place of chiropractic medicine) to two practicing chiropractors, he has a lifelong awareness of the advantages of alternative medicine.  From an early age both parents instilled in him the belief of treating the disease, not just the patient. He brings this experience and knowledge to all of his patients. 

Dr. Beckingham attended University of Massachusetts in Amherst and finished his doctoral work at Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2005. He is currently enrolled in the Diplomat of Functional Neurology program while attending the Carrick institute. He also is active with the Functional Medicine University program.  Dr. Beckingham has finished several hundred hours towards his Diplomat in Functional Nutrition from the ACBN a nationally recognized, certifying agency in nutrition. He also has extensive post graduate training in functional endocrinology, blood chemistry analysis and brain neurotransmitters.  Additionally, Dr. Beckingham travels regularly to host lectures and seminars in order help patients stay at the forefront of what is developing in chronic condition treatment.

Dr. Beckingham uses a variety of skills to address each patient’s individual needs. Each course of care is developed for that patient’s specific condition.  In order to find working solutions, Dr. Beckingham employs a variety of methods including neurological retraining of the brain, scientifically based nutritional therapy, cutting edge lab interpretation, and a variety of other treatments.  

Using these methods as a combined functioning protocol, Dr. Beckingham is able to help chronic patients realize their goals of true health without the need for drugs, medications, or surgery.  He currently consults with patients from all over the world via phone, Skype, or internet.