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Sunday May 4th at 11:30 AM

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There is FREE street parking for Sunday seminars. On Saturday street parking is not free although there is free parking at the baseball field directly across the street.

What Are Others Saying About Attending One Of Our Thyroid Seminars?

It finally makes sense why they keep giving me T3 hormone. I knew a way had to exist to make more of it in the body from the T4. I am a healthcare provider and I would tell all of my clients to come to this. Thank you for the information.
M.H. 5/11/13

I was shocked to learn about my stress levels causing inflammation that was blocking my thyroid hormones. I am looking forward to changing my approach with this condition. I would come again.
P.S. 5/11/13

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Loved the immune analogy of soldiers and generals. Most impressed by the openness to personal questions and the fact he read my labs for free after the talk. I definitely recommend this to everybody.
L.K. 5/11/13

I already am recommending this to my friend. I was amazed with the fact that Hashimoto’s causes the hypo and hyper symptoms I am having. Very informative and helpful.
C.B. 5/5/13

Amazed to find out about iodine and its role in autoimmune thyroid. This workshop helped me figure out what I am doing wrong and what tests I am missing. I would recommend this to everyone.
L.R. 5/5/13

This was so enlightening and very well presented. Everything was presented so even a child could understand. Fascinating to hear about the brains role in the immune system and with thyroid control. Most interesting part was to learn about my GI tract and how that is a big part of my thyroid issues. I definitely recommend this talk.
F.C. 5/5/13

Very informative and impressive. The Dr. seems very knowledgeable and thorough. I now have hope of getting healthy. I recommend this to all thyroid suffers.
S.H. 5/5/13

Most interesting part was when Dr. stayed after the talk to sit with anybody who wanted. I will recommend this to my colleagues. Thank you for all of the answers.
Y.U. 5/5/13

Unbelievable to learn about each system playing off of the others. I learned about the hidden symptoms I have had for years. I surely would tell others to attend. Overall great.
H.S. 5/5/13

Very informative, I loved the Doctors bluntness. I cannot believe all of the causes and solutions for thyroid issues. A lot of information in a hour. I loved the part about immune balance and how to help it.
S.S. 5/5/13

This was very interesting. I love the fact that you can change different systems of the body to make the thyroid work better. I can’t wait to sit down with the doctor one on one.
M.H. 4/14/13

I learned so many new things. I would recommend this to anyone suffering with thyroid issues. I can’t believe I was never told any of this. I appreciate the details.
S.B. 4/14/13

Informative. I am optimistic, finally giving the answers I have been looking for. Amazed to find out how my condition affects every organ of the body.
P.H. 4/13/13

Very informative I was very happy this was not a sales pitch, this was very helpful.
S.D. 3/14/13

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